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Roger Sansom was born in Worcester.  He has been a Logos committee member for over ten years. He became involved through the Shakespeare reading groups that Kenneth McClellan used to hold at various places, including his home. Roger's parts for Logos include Gayev in The Cherry Orchard, Manders in Ghosts, York in Richard II, Chasuble in The Importance of Being Earnest, Dorante in The Social Climber, Jacob in Nude with Violin. and Mr Burgess in Candida.

He has been in the theatre for fifty years, having started as an assistant stage manager at Barrow (where Bryan Hands was stage director).   Other theatres where he has worked include Bristol, Belfast, Bognor and Brighton.  A disproportionate number of rep towns started with B because all young actors worked their way through the list of theatres when sending job letters, and hopefully offers came in before too long.  Barry followed Barrow as an engagement after a few years.

Roger first directed in Northern Ireland, having initially gone to Belfast to play the police officer 'The Man In The Raincoat' in The Creeper, and stayed for the tour of Richard II - giving an inexperienced performance in the lead role, but fulfilling an early ambition by doing so. 

Photo: Claire Grogan

He went back to Ulster regularly over a long period (coinciding with the start of the Troubles in the late '60s and early '70s), also touring as Shylock, Julius Caesar and Macbeth, as well as playing Serjeant Buzfuz in Pickwick and Gerald in Time And The Conways.  (During a rehearsal of the last-named, very English, Priestley play at the Arts Theatre in Belfast, the theatre manager shouted to the cast to evacuate the building and a bomb exploded in the street just as they were running out.)

Roger has played Shakespeare in the open air three times, as the Earl of Douglas in Henry IV, Part One at the Ludlow Festival, and more recently as Holofernes in Love's Labour's Lost at various places, and as Leonato in Much Ado About Nothing for the Guildford Shakespeare Company.

He has broadcast and appeared on television, including six segments of the political programme On The Record, in which he played John Major imagined as making up his mind about calling the 1997 election!  As himself he competed in a Channel 4 Shakespeare quiz in 1994 and won the title Bardbrain of Britain.

Boat People Clerk of the Court Harry Meacher Scott-Matthews Productions
The Proposal Stephan Harry Meacher Upstairs at the Gatehouse
Charley's Aunt Sir Francis Chesney James Paul Taylor The London Theatre
Cymbeline Cymbeline James Paul Taylor The London Theatre
Richard II Duke of York James Paul Taylor The Network Theatre
A Woman of No Importance Archdeacon Daubeny DD James Paul Taylor The London Theatre
Much Ado About Nothing Dogberry Joanna Freeman Drayton Arms Theatre
Candida Mr. Burgess Bryan Hands Upstairs at the Gatehouse
Almost the Birthday Party Vernon Scott Le Crass Etcetera Theatre
Edward II Archbishop of Canterbury Paul Vitty The London Theatre
The Stand Up .. and Down Dan Harry Meacher Camden People's Theatre
Nude with Violin Jacob Bryan Hands Upstairs at the Gatehouse
Autumn Music Francesco Michael Friend Michael Friend Productions
Tartuffe Cleonte Bryan Hands Upstairs at the Gatehouse
The Warden Sir Abraham Haphazard Harry Meacher Upstairs at the Gatehouse
Easter Lindkvist Michael Friend Michael Friend Productions
The Social Climber Dorante Kenneth Michaels Logos Theatre Company
A New Way to Pay Old Debts Order / Willdo Liz Bagley Rose Theatre Bankside
Lowell's Bedlam Dick Jaffee Daniel Ricken Scott-Matthews Productions
Oedipus the King Creon George Eugeniou Theatro Technis
Mist: After Dracula Lord Arthur Harry Meacher Pilgrim Productions
Daniel Deronda Lord Brackenshaw Harry Meacher Traffic of the Stage
The Importance of Being Earnest Canon Chasuble Kenneth Michaels Logos Theatre Company
Dangerous Corner Robert Harry Meacher Scott-Matthews Prods
Journal of an Urban Robinson Crusoe Asher Harry Meacher Des Marshall
Heartbreak House Boss Mangan Harry Meacher Scott-Matthews Prods
Twelfth Night Malvolio Harry Meacher Scott-Matthews Prods
Sherlock Holmes & The Hound of the Baskervilles Sir Henry Baskerville Harry Meacher Scott-Matthews Prods
Ivanov Borkin Harry Meacher Scott-Matthews Prods
The Wind In The Willows Badger Harry Meacher Scott-Matthews Prods
Measure For Measure Escalus / Abhorson Michael Sargent Centurion
A Midsummer Night's Dream Theseus Harry Meacher Pentameters
The Tempest Gonzalo Harry Meacher Pentameters
Charley's Aunt Brassett Bryan Hands Logos, Wimbledon
The Importance of Being Earnest Canon Chasuble Ben Horslen & John Risebero Jermyn Street
Much Ado About Nothing Leonato Russ Tunney Guildford Shakespeare Company
Mrs Warren's Profession Rev Sam Gardner Michael Sargent Theatre Museum
Richard III Hastings Ben Horslen & John Risebero Hampstead
Ghosts Pastor Manders Bryan Hands Logos, Wimbledon
As You Like It

The Banished Duke
/ Duke Frederick

Michael Sargent Centurion Theatre Company
Richard II York/Gardener Roger Sansom Logos Theatre Company
The Cherry Orchard Gayev Bryan Hands Logos, Wimbledon
Love's Labour's Lost Holofernes David Craik Bloomsbury
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead Polonius Mark Nash Hen & Chickens
Macbeth Duncan Neil Nortcliffe Camden People's Theatre
Perfect Pitch Reporter Jan Butlin National Tour
Time And The Conways Gerald Denis Smyth Belfast Arts Theatre
Macbeth Macbeth Denis Smyth N. Ireland Tour
Under Milk Wood Narrator Denis Smyth Belfast Arts Theatre
Dracula Dracula John Gordon Ashe Barry Season
Henry V Montjoy Ian Mullins Farnham
Under Milk Wood Mog Edwards Malcolm Taylor London Arts Theatre
Henry IV - Part One Douglas/Peto Nicolas Young Ludlow Festival Theatre
Spring & Port Wine Wilfred Chris Baker Bognor Season
The Creeper Inspector Desmond Hoey Belfast
Romeo And Juliet Balthasar John Chilvers Swansea
War & Peace Sergeant Christopher Denys Bristol Old Vic
The Miracles Various Roles Gareth Morgan Royal Shakespeare Company
Dance With Me Ella's Dad Carol Salter Anglia Television
The Bill Clerk Of Court Chris Lovett Thames Television
The Lost Expedition Sir Wilfred Peter Bate Channel 5
Carmilla Father Paul Wiffen Dark Star

Productions by David Geary, Martin Jenkins, Trafford Whitelock etc

Playing Age: 65 - 75 years

Accents & Dialects: Worcester (native), RP, American-Standard, Australian, Birmingham, Canadian, Cardiff, Central Scottish, Cockney

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