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The Tragedy of Richard the Second
by William Shakespeare

Landor Theatre

20th April to 8th May 2004

Cast list

Press release (to explain cast changes)


King Richard II
Simon Cole
John of Gaunt

George May
(Kenneth McClellan,
Bryan Hands,
Terry Adams)

Henry Bolingbroke
Paul Agar
Thomas Mowbray
Patric Deony
Duchess of Gloucester
Valerie Maitland
Duke of York
Roger Sansom
Laurence Aldridge
King Richard's Queen
Anna Wollin
Her Lady-in-Waiting
Hamble Padden
George May
Damon Burrows
Tim Hilborne
Earl of Northumberland
Sean Cook
Henry Percy (Hotspur)
Patric Deony
Lord Ross
Marcus Pollett
Lord Willoughby
Stephen Carlill
Earl of Salisbury
George May
A Welsh Captain
Marcus Pollett
The Bishop of Carlisle
Stephen Carlill
Duke of Surrey
Marcus Pollett
Lord Fitzwater
George May
Roger Sansom
Duchess of York
Julia Garrett
Sir Pierce of Exton
Tim Hilborne
Directed by

Roger Sansom
Bryan Hands
Terry Adams

Designed by
Fiona Hopkins
Rebecca Applin
Lighting by
Paul Knott
Costumes by
Didi Chapman
Fight Arranger
Paul Agar
Stage Manager
Mehmet Mustafa
Set Construction
Ed Wirtz


Logos Theatre Company, currently presenting Shakespeare's Richard II at the Landor Theatre, might be entering the record books for the number of cast changes affecting one character! 

They opened on April 20 with Kenneth McClellan, the company's 85-year-old founder, in the role of John of Gaunt, the young King's wise old uncle.  Unfortunately, Kenneth has been suffering badly from sciatica, and had to withdraw from the part.  He is currently in Bolingbroke Hospital - ironically, since Bolingbroke is his son in the play - and the Company all wish him well. 

On the second night, the actor and director Terry Adams, who in a hectic rehearsal period had been assisting the production's directors Roger Sansom and Bryan Hands, went on with the script to fill the breach. 

On the third night, Bryan Hands took over the role and played it till the end of the week.

Now a member of the cast, George May, is learning the part in order to perform it from Tuesday, and for the rest of the run—in tandem with three characters after Gaunt dies! 

All round, it could be a record. 

Also in the production, as King Richard's sympathetic and distressed young Queen, is Anna Wollin who is much on our screens at present as the sexy lady in the latest version of the famous Cornetto commercial. 


Streatham Guardian
29th April 2004
Yvonne Gordon

There's stil time to catch Logos Theatre Company's excellent performance of Richard II at the Landor Theatre in Clapham North.  Resplendent in stunning costumes by Didi Chapman and with the minimum of props, apart from an impressive throne, the 16-strong cast really bring this rarely-performed script to life in the intimate space of this small, yet perfectly formed theatre.

Simon Cole does a convincing job as the passionate, yet sensitive King Richard, and Paul Agar is charismatic and compelling as the self-seeking Henry Bolingbroke, who seeks to usurp the throne from under the hapless king's nose. Having just graduated from LAMDA, he has arranged the vibrant fight sequences in this play, and has just finished filming Time Of Her Life, to be screened on BBC later this year.  

He is a name to look out for, along with Patric Deony, who is excellent as impassioned nobleman Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk, reputedly the king's instrument in the accusation against him of killing a royal uncle.  Patric also performs very well as Hotspur, the son of the Earl of Northumberland.  The group's founder, 85-year-old Kenneth McClellan, is very convincing as Bolingbroke's father John of Gaunt, the most senior living member of the royal family.  Director Roger Sansom rises well to the role of the Duke of York, and Anna Wollin is suitably humble and unassuming as King Richard's Queen.


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