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The London Cuckolds
by Edward Ravenscroft

Theatro Technis


Cast list

Press Release




Performing Edition:
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The London Cuckolds
Alderman Wiseacres
Jonson Wilkinson
Alderman Doodle
Wallace McDougall
Roger Sansom (30th April only)
Mr Dashwell, a City scrivener
Mark Philip Compton
Mr Townly, an urban gentleman
Alexander Allin
Mr Ramble, a would-be philanderer
Dan Arnold
Mr Loveday, a young merchant
Tom Hartill
Eugenia, Dashwell's "pious" wife
Hannah Ellis
Arabella, Doodle's witty wife
Rosemary Lippard
Peggy, Wiseacres' young bride
Maeve Leahy
Peggy's Aunt
Hilary Field
Engine, Arabella's waiting woman
Kate Winter
Jane, Eugenia's maid
Rachele Fregonese
Roger, Ramble's servant
Robert Allwood
Sharon Lovett Lampi
Assistant Designer
Matt Dennis
Lighting Design
Edmund Sutton
Stage Manager / Production Assistant
Rachele Fregonese
Jennie Yates & Questors Theatre Company
Directed by
Kenneth Michaels

Special thanks to
John Cooper, Bryan Hands & Richard Furlong
for help with the set

Publicity / Admin
Roger Sansom, Bryan Hands, Mark Casserley

Click for press release

Click for programme (8-page pdf)

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"Early insights into female power."
by Olivia Popica for remotegoat on 30/04/14

Following the tradition of presenting plays while keeping faithful to their original form, Logos Theatre Company brings back Edward Ravenscroft's most popular farce in a three hour long showcase of ridiculous love affairs and masterful escapes. It's a tough challenge asking an audience to stay put for such a stretch of time in the fast paced world of today. But the cast made a good effort keeping the energy levels at peak, particularly thanks to Hannah Ellis and Kate Winter and their vibrant performances.

Hannah, who plays Mr. Dashwell's "pious" wife, has a great comical timing and the right amount of expressivity to be classed as 'natural' and convincing in the world of farce. An energetic Kate Winter brings Arabella's waiting woman, Engine, to life and turns her into an undercover business woman worthy of her name. She's the one that supervises the love affair, directing it like a pro: her monologue about the newly discovered career as a ‘pimp’ filled my belly with laughter. There's a constant sparkle in Kate's eye, something that shows you how awake and how ready to take the next opportunity this character is.

Then there's Peggy, Wiseacres’s young bride, who albeit young, naive and cheerfully obedient, literally makes a fool of her husband's name and reputation: whilst he tries to prove that having a brainless wife is the safest way into a successful marriage, Peggy, floating in a childish curiosity, lets the young and charming Mr. Ramble teach her the "duties" of a wife without even thinking ... erm … once! Maeve Leahy's interpretation turns this character into one that you'd always forgive and never forget.


Click right to download a PDF of Roger Sansom's performing edition of The London Cuckolds.

The London Cuckolds - performing edition - click for PDF
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